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Boo! What’s new? Rhyme it!

As trick or treaters pick out their costumes, and Halloween party planners go to town, creative bloggers may wax poetic.

Who needs a spooky writing prompt or eerie meme?

Do you have a creative writing or poetry blog or website? Maybe your site is educational, homey, informative, newsy, or scientific.  

Don't have a bird or go batty. Just blog it!

Whatever your angle, here are several Halloween-related blog prompt ideas. This word search contains at least 25 holiday-related terms. How many can you find?

Pick your prompt, and publish your Halloween post on your own site.

Then c’mon back here, and leave a comment with a link to your post, so our readers can find it! Use the images, if you want (linking back to the clip-art provider – listed below).

Halloween Word Search Puzzle
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All rights reserved
Spooky House
and Halloween Greeting

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