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Proposing Plucky Poetry Prompts

Who’s ready to wax eloquent or court the musical muse?

What wondrous words does this image inspire in you? What questions does it raise for your inquiring imagination?

Can you conceive what these lovely ladies might be thinking?

Who is the musician? Is it a man or a woman? What is he or she singing to the listening trio? Is the singer telling a story, cracking a joke, or merely musing musically?

Where might this scene be taking place?

 Are your wheels turning yet? Still need help coming up with a poetic blog concept? Try these writing prompt words:


Use all of the words as writing prompts, or take your pick! Just be sure to link to Simply Snickers in your post, and return here to leave a comment with a link to your own blog post. Our readers would love to see what you have written.

Have fun with these plucky poetry prompts!

Italian Girls by Gyorgy Vastagh
19th Century
Public Domain 

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    I didn't notice that they were Italian until I'd posted my offering! Mine has a distinctly British feel!



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