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A-Z Blog Prompt - Z is for Zucchini

Z is for Zucchini.

Crispin and Scapin
 19th C

Does this classic painting inspire you to write a post for the April A to Z Blogging Challenge? Or might it simply spark your creativity for everyday writing?

Please link back to Simply Snickers, especially if you use the artwork.

Be sure to return (or leave this window open, as you work), and leave a comment here. Include a link to your own post, to butter-up potential readers, as they skim the listed responses.

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  1. How you keep up with all your blogs is an amazing thing Linda. Whew!

  2. That picture makes me think of closeness, messages you only whisper in the ear of a loved one. Happy. Love.



  3. Zucchini...seems quite a few folks blogged about it for the Z post, lol. Congrats on finishing and thanks for your supportive visits, much appreciated. The art piece seems to be about secrets

  4. Still rounding from A-Z through the linky this am, and though I've obviously been here, the linky didn't show I'd been here? Weird. You must be taking a break, but I have a question for you since you do the google+ thing. Running into lots of blogs that I could post comments to a week or so ago, but can't now. Apparently, there's been a default setting change on google+ and unless someone joins (which I won't be doing) you're unable to leave a comment, in some cases you can't even see the blog. I'm running into lots of comments people talking about this and not knowing how to fix it. Several folks have expressed concerned over losing contacts made during the challenge because of this, most people aren't going to join something in order to leave comments. A few people/bloggers have had means of contact beyond leaving comments and when I let them know I couldn't see blog or leave comments they were surprised by it, as they hadn't changed anything on their blogs and were unhappy to learn that had happened. A few have fixed it, but I don't remember who was who in order to find out how they fixed it to tell the others who want to fix it. I'd like to post the fix to help others and was hopeful with all your blogs you would have an answer.

  5. Here again, this time from Stanley's blog. I keep visiting but it looks like lots of folks have thrown in the towel after a-z. If you get back into it, do sing out.



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