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The Tower’s Hour

Immortalized by German Expressionist painter and print-maker Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, the Zytglogge Tower is a famous landmark in Bern, Switzerland.

This 13th Century structure is now a popular tourist attraction, although it has been used as a clock tower, guard station, and prison. 

The Zytglogge Tower contains an astronomical clock as well, constructed in the 15th Century, and a working glockenspiel.

Perhaps this image will spark your creativity for a poetic post, a fiction or fantasy story, or a journal entry.

Clock in with these keywords, and see what you can create for your own blog post:








Use any or all of the prompt words, or strike off on your own. (Get it?)

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Der Zytgloggeturm in Bern,
by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
public domain
Zytglogge Astronomical Clock and Glockenspiel,
by Krol-K  
Creative Commons Licensing

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