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Who's all in for blog prompts for the people?

Here we go with a new blog prompt. This time, it’s an entire phrase.

for the people

Optional: Pick any or all of the phrases that appear in this vintage image. Go in whatever direction your own creativity takes you!

You are welcome to grab and use the artwork, if it fits your post. Publish to your own site.

NOTE: If you use this blog prompt and/or the artwork, I’d appreciate your linking back (as a courtesy) to Simply Snickers. Also, be sure to double back with a comment and a link to your own post, so my readers can find your post.

Feel free to peruse the Simply Snickers archives (on the sidebar on this page). You may find additional ideas and inspiration there, as well as some intriguing images from a variety of artists.

Government - detail, Elihu Vedder
US Government artwork
 public domain

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