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Poetry Prompt - for Sunday, June 15, 2008


This week, for Sunday, June 15th, our SIMPLY SNICKERS poetry prompt includes these key words:



Of course, Sunday is Father’s Day, and our prompt this week honors all of the special fathers in our lives. Still, you can certainly feel free to take this prompt in any direction you wish. Fatherhood may mean all sorts of things (biblically, figuratively, genealogically, historically, scientifically, etc.).

Let inspiration strike! Try a triolet. Sample a sonnet. Post a pantoum. Devise a diamante. Live it up with a limerick. How about a haiku? Have fun with this one!

Be sure to come back to SIMPLY SNICKERS by Sunday, June 15th, and leave a comment with a link to your post, once you have published your poem on your own blog.

Please be sure to check out the other SIMPLY SNICKERS entries. What creative writer doesn’t appreciate encouraging comments?

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  1. I decided to take the spiritual interpretation of "father" with my kyrielle, "Gloria in Exlcesis Deo". Enjoy!


  2. Thanks for the inspiration. My latest post includes a a dad and poodle-related haiku

  3. Masks

    (Mine is sort of mean for father's day, but I had to get some stuff off my chest.)

  4. I have my contribution up on my page now. Fixing to go look at everyone else's!



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