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Ringing out blog prompts for new posts

Sound the alarm! Let’s have some new blog post ideas. Whether you’re a poet or a photographer, a scrivener or a sketcher, or even a diarist, some new keywords may be helpful.

Here are this week’s blog prompts, as clear as a bell:

Beside the Church Towers, by Munot Schaffhausen, 1875. Public domain.

Consider these keywords. What creativity is climbing into your imagination? Publish your post on your own site. Then double back to let us know what you did.

NOTE: If you use this blog prompt and/or the artwork, I’d appreciate your linking back (as a courtesy) to Simply Snickers. Also, be sure to double back with a comment and a link to your own post, so my readers can find your post.

Ready to chime in? Let your tale be told.

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