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Winging it with new blogging prompts

Whoosh! What was that? Maybe it was a brand-new keyword prompt (or three) for your next blog post. Take your pick, or use the entire trio. Write your own post, and put it up on your site. Include the artwork, if you wish. 

Then fly on back to Simply Snickers to leave a comment with a link to your entry.


Watch our readers flock to your site.

NOTE: If you use this blog prompt and/or the artwork, I’d appreciate your linking back (as a courtesy) to Simply Snickers. Also, be sure to double back with a comment and a link to your own post, so my readers can find your post.

Reminder: You are more than welcome to peruse the Simply Snickers archives (See the sidebar on this page.) for additional writing ideas.
A Parrot and a Flycatcher
by Abraham Meertens
public domain

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