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P is for Pollard

Pow! We're pulling into P-Day for A-Z bloggers and NaPoWriMo writers. Poets and penmen: What are you publishing on this prized occasion?

P is for Pollard.

The Derby Pets:The Arrival 
by James Pollard 

Poke our readers with a comment, pointing to your own A-Z, NaPoWrimo, or other post for P-day.

Reminder: Bookmark this page, so you can return daily throughout the A to Z Challenge and NaPoWrimo to view fine art prompts and to leave comments with links to your own participating posts!

1 comment:

  1. I Love Pollard! His are the best for doing those raised photos. My mother used to make them for me. She would get about five of the same thing, then cut out portions and layer them, with the full version on the bottom. I'm still waiting for her to show me more about how to do it, but she's shown me a little. It's so fun!

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