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U is for van Uther

Uh-oh, April A to Z Challenge bloggers and National Poetry Month participants. Is anyone coming unglued or unhinged at this stage? Hold that utterance! We're rounding the bend soon to enter the last week of the month-long challenges.

Won't that be the ultimate? Uh-huh!

Maybe this unique urchin illustration will uplift your creativity for Letter U Day.


Portrait of Crown Prince Sigismund Vasa 
by Johan Baptista van Uther 

Ummm. How about a comment, using a link to your own NaPoWrimo verses, A-Z entry, or other U-Day entry? Don't underestimate your own updates. That would be utterly unnerving.

You are invited to follow or bookmark Simply Snickers, too, so you can double back anytime for new fine art prompts and put up comments with links to your own site. Understand?

Up, up, and away!

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